Create dynamic academic conference management systems

At Oxford Abstracts, we know the importance of combining full abstract integration and impressive features with a simple, user-friendly interface. This is why we have designed our academic conference management system to be intuitive and easy-to-use, giving conference organisers complete control.

  • Create an unlimited number of parallel sessions
  • Tag conference sessions by track
  • Add vital details, titles and descriptions
  • Fully integrate abstract submissions
  • Control the visibility of your abstracts
  • Publish conference programs instantly
dynamic conference management systems

Experience an easy-to-use academic conference management system

Gain control with a simple user interface, for quick and easy creation, editing and publishing of your conference program.

  • Click a conference session for details
  • Search by title, author, presenter, program code or track
  • Hide and show content with collapsible menus
  • Control the visibility of tab headings
  • Download sessions books for instant access
an easy-to-use academic conference management system

Stay on track with a feature-rich system

Our sessions table feature ensures you have a simple overview of your schedule, with a range of tools that makes academic conference management simple.

  • Easily send out schedules
  • Manage bookings with ease
  • View and edit conference sessions
  • Stay in control with a multi-view table for filtered and ordered review data
  • Download a multitude of reports
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Fully integrated abstract management

Our academic event management system helps you create a program that is fully integrated with abstract management, saving time and streamlining processes.

Prepare for abstract submissions

  • Set up administrators, reviewers, committee members at the click of a button
  • Build submission, review and decision forms with a range of question templates
  • Streamline communication with authors, reviewers and committee members with automatic, manual, and even custom email templates

Simplified abstract and paper collection

  • Embed secure online submission forms onto your website or in emails
  • Create a comprehensive range of fully editable question templates
  • Control submission permissions instantly
  • Manage, view, delete, withdraw and edit paper and abstract submissions

Review and decide on abstracts with ease

Deciding on your academic conference submissions is simple, with our easy to use interface and intuitive functions.

  • Assign abstracts and papers to reviewers, individually or in bulk
  • Engage reviewers with a simple reviewer interface
  • Create multiple report downloads
  • Keep on track with a multi-view table for detailed, filtered and ordered review data