Professional preparation

The preparation stages of your virtual conference or academic event are critical to the process of setting up a successful event. At Oxford Abstracts we understand this, which is why our conference paper submission system gives you control from the preparation stages all the way up to reporting after the event.

  • Set up administrators, reviewers, committee members at the click of a button
  • Build submission, review and decision forms with a range of question templates
  • Streamline communication with authors, reviewers and committee members with custom email templates for automatic or manual emails
Professional preparation

Collect paper submissions with ease

Collect, manage and allocate paper submissions using a simple user interface.

  • Embed secure online submission forms into your website or in emails
  • Create a comprehensive range of fully editable question templates
Collect paper submissions with ease

Simplify the way you review paper submissions

Our flexible paper management system simplifies the process, with its feature-rich tools and intuitive reporting.

  • Assign papers to reviewers, individually or in bulk
  • Engage reviewers with our simple reviewer interface
  • Create multiple report downloads
  • Keep on track with a multi-view table for detailed, filtered and ordered review data
Simplify the way you review paper submissions

Effectively make decisions on your papers

The complex, time-consuming process of manual paper submission management and review is gone. With our comprehensive, flexible conference paper submission system, making those critical decisions on submitted papers is easy.

  • Design decision forms and create acceptance types
  • Control the visibility of data for your committees
  • Find data instantly with a multi-filter, search-friendly table
  • Accept, reject and withdraw submissions, with integrated manual and automatic email notifications
Effectively make decisions on your papers

Access in-depth reporting

Because we know that monitoring and analysis plays a crucial part in event and conference organisation, you can access a range of in-depth reporting tools fully integrated with our paper management system.

  • Filter and arrange submission, review and decision data for Excel report downloads
  • Get live updates for real-time downloads, any time you choose
  • Quick click for indexes, country reports and a wide range of custom reports
Access In-Depth Reporting