Full colour coding

Add colour at the click of a button

  • Create a striking and visually engaging conference management system
  • Choose from a full colour palette including RGB, HEX and colour picker
  • Colour by session, track or presentation type
Colour coding

Allow users to comment on content, and download sessions to their calendars

  • Compatible with Google and Yahoo calendars, Outlook, iCal and Office 365.
  • Set visibility options for comments
  • Admins can choose to moderate, if required
  • Control notifications to authors
Program information

Add extra information and files

  • Include useful information for delegates
  • Add site maps, bios, links and images
  • Instant, live updating
Add extra information and files

Manage speakers, chairs and presenters

  • Keep track of personnel bookings
  • Identify conflicts and reschedule
Manage speakers, chairs and presenters

A flexible range of access controls

  • Enable public access or only permit specific users
  • Allow only delegates and /or invited users
  • Create an access code to set permissions
Secure access to your conference program