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Getting started

What will I gain from signing up to an Oxford Abstracts package?

Using email and online forms to collect abstracts might be free, but it's time consuming and difficult to keep on track. Alice explains how all of our packages - including the FREE version, can save you heaps of time and hassle.

How long does it take to set up my software?

Once we've enabled your Oxford Abstracts research conference software, it doesnt take long to set your event up so you can begin collecting abstracts.

What are the limits to the number of abstract submissions, reviewers and administrators?

Alice answers one of our most frequently asked questions - is there a limit to the number of submissions, administrators, reviewers and committee members in the Oxford Abstracts packages

Can I upgrade my package at any time without losing data?

Oxford Abstracts offers a range of research conference software packages for any event requirements. Alice explains the Oxford Abstracts packages and how you can upgrade at any time.

FREE Package - what are the limitations?

The Free Package is fully functional and will handle the basic abstract management of an unlimited number of submissions, but there are a few limitations.

The Silver Package explained

Take a look at Oxford Abstracts' Silver package The essential tools you need to manage your abstract submission and review process for an unlimited number of abstracts. Perfect for any size of academic conference.

The Multi-stage bolt-on - introduction

Take a look at Oxford Abstracts' Multi-stage bolt-on, perfect for managing two or more stage submission or review processes.

The Symposia bolt-on explained

A brief overview of the Oxford Abstracts Symposium bolt-on, for academic and research conferences - for when you want submitters to be able to group abstracts together - for panels, workshops, sessions and roundtables.

The Multi-stage bolt-on explained

If you're trying to keep control of a multi-stage abstract submission or review process, take a look at our Multi-stage bolt-on. We provide a range of workflow tools with user-friendly interfaces for simple and intuitive multiple stage abstract management for your live or virtual conference. Geoff delves into the tools and features of this very useful bolt-on.

Abstract management - introduction

Geoff gives an overview of the Oxford Abstracts software, and how you can manage your abstract submission process, from collection through to decisions, along with the publishing of abstract books.

Oxford Abstracts - introduction

From simple abstract management, to a feature-rich and engaging virtual conference program, Oxford Abstracts provides powerful, cost-effective research conference software for all types of academic conferences.

Submit, review, decide

How do I delete 'dummy' abstracts before opening submissions?

Deleting submissions is a straightforward process, and you can always restore them if you realise you've accidentally deleted a submission in error. Written guidance can also be found in our Knowledge Base

How do I tell submitters if abstract has been accepted or rejected?

Once you have gone through the decisions process, you can then inform submitters if they have been accepted or rejected.

How do I allow new abstract submissions and amendments?

Do you want to permit only new submissions - eg - late-breaking abstracts? Or allow only those with complete submissions to do a rework? There's a range of options and Alice explains how you can adjust permissions for abstract submission at any time. Written guidance can also be found in our Knowledge Base

How should I collect abstracts - through content on forms? Or via file uploads?

There are two ways of collecting abstracts - through the default abstract question on the submission form, or by requesting a file upload. Alice explains the pros and cons of each option. Written guidance can also be found in our Knowledge Base

How do I edit a user's submission?

You may find you are required to edit a user's submission. It's a straightforward process and any updates will be recorded in the 'last updated by' column in the submission tables.

Written guidance can also be found in our Knowledge Base

The Virtual Program

Platinum (advanced) program - overview

Geoff gives an explanation of the advance conference program feature, available in the Platinum Package, along with a delegate registration module.

How do I set up my Poster Gallery?

Find out how to optimise your poster submissions by displaying them in the poster gallery, a feature available in the advanced conference suite, available in Oxford Abstracts Platinum Package. Written guidance can also be found in our Knowledge Base