We work with the following to provide you with a full integrated solution, whatever your conference needs.

Conference Compass

Since 2011, Conference Compass has been a developer of powerful conference and association apps. Clients are Europe’s largest medical and scientific societies, who value specialisation in their field and commitment to offering a truly engaging user experience.

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River Valley Technologies

RVT provide software as a service (SaaS) to process documents with research content, particularly with heavy math. Their software and service copes with the cloud based computing of the digital age.

They are passionate about open and community supported standards in document processing and use free and opensource software for development without getting locked up in vendor oriented proprietary software.

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RD Mobile

RD Mobile’s industry-leading Engagefully and Eventsential mobile apps elevate event experiences, engage members year-round, and generate revenue. RD Mobile apps provide value to more than 500,000 global users and power 2,000 events in 20+ countries. The Engagefully and Eventsential mobile apps integrate with Oxford Abstracts and all major AMS/CRM, event management, and other 3rd party systems.

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