Selecting the service you need is simple and straightforward. Start with the Standard Pack and then add on any extras you might need. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you need at the outset, you can always add extras to your setup at a later date.  The Oxford Abstracts support team is on hand to help you.

Standard Pack

All the tools you need to run your abstracts submission in one easy package.  Collect, review and make decisions on abstracts.  Manage the entire process online.  Create abstract books and email the participants.

Symposium submission

When you want the submitters to be able to group abstracts together in a symposium, use our Symposium feature. We offer different ways of controlling who can submit a symposium and who can attach abstracts to which symposium.

Show Reviews to Submitters

Often, there can be a requirement for abstract authors to have access to reviewers’ grades and comments. This module will facilitate this, allowing all your submitters to see their review feedback. This option is available for all modules within your event, including the standard, multi-stage and symposium, depending on your set-up and you can choose precisely which data you wish submitters to view.

Filtered Committee View

When it comes to the decision making process, there may be a requirement for committee members to view only specific categories. With the Filtered Committee module, you can simply assign categories to specific committee members so when they log in to the system, they only view and decide on their assigned categories, saving a lot of admin time, as well as making the process simpler for committee members.