Create a dynamic academic conference program

At Oxford Abstracts, we know the importance of combining full abstract submission integration and impressive features with a simple, user-friendly interface. This is why we have designed our Conference Program to be intuitive and easy-to-use, giving academic conference organisers complete control.

  • Create unlimited parallel sessions
  • Tag sessions by track
  • Add titles and descriptions
  • Incorporate abstracts
  • Control abstract visibility
  • Publish instantly

Experience an easy-to-build online conference program

Gain control with a simple user interface, for quick and easy creation, editing and publishing of your conference program.

  • Click a session for details
  • Search by title, author, presenter, program code or track
  • Hide and show content with collapsible menus
  • Control visibility of tab headings
  • Download session books

Stay on track with a feature-rich system

Our sessions table feature ensures you have a simple overview of your schedule, with a range of tools that makes research conference management simple.

  • Send out schedules
  • Keep on top of bookings and schedules
  • View and edit sessions
  • Stay in control with multi-view table for filtered and ordered review data
  • Download a multitude of reports

Advanced Conference Program

Platinum Package opens up the Advanced Conference Program, an enhanced version of Conference Program, with a range of added features, optimised for online conferences.

Full colour coding

Easily assign colour-coding to your research conference program.

  • Create a striking and visually engaging program
  • Choose from a full colour palette including RGB, HEX and colour picker
  • Colour by session, track or presentation type
  • View a demo

Add extra information and files

  • Include useful information for delegates
  • Add site maps, bios, links and images
  • Instant, live updating

Manage scheduled appointments

  • Keep track of Chairs, presenters and authors
  • Identify conflicts and reschedule

Secure access to your conference program

  • Create a secure code
  • Control access to abstracts and symposia
  • Ensure only users with the access code have permission to download abstracts

Change the way you collect, manage and review your conference abstracts

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