Create a dynamic academic conference program

At Oxford Abstracts, we know the importance of combining full abstract submission integration and impressive features with a simple, user-friendly interface. This is why we have designed our Conference Program to be intuitive and easy-to-use, giving academic conference organisers complete control, whether you are planning a live or virtual conference.

Choose from two packages

We have two versions of Conference Program, the standard in the Gold Package, and the advanced in the Platinum Package. Both are optimised for virtual conferences, compatible with PC, Mac and mobile devices with the Advanced Conference Program offering extra premium features to enable you to create an outstanding user experience.

Experience an easy-to-build online conference program

  • Create, edit, copy and paste unlimited parallel sessions
  • Add extensive Chair and author information, including profile images
  • Incorporate abstracts, and add links to videos and live sessions
  • Publish instantly

Engage your users with interactive features and search tools

  • Click a session for details
  • Search by title, author, presenter, program code or track
  • Download session books

Stay on track with a feature-rich system

  • Control visibility of tab headings, columns, Chairs and more
  • Manage timezones
  • Download a multitude of reports

Advanced Conference Program

The Platinum Package offers the Advanced Conference Program, a premium version of the Conference Program, with a range of exceptional features, to create an outstanding event and user experience.

Full colour coding

Add colour at the click of a button

  • Create a striking and visually engaging program
  • Choose from a full colour palette including RGB, HEX and colour picker
  • Colour by session, track or presentation type

Allow users to comment on content, and download sessions to their calendars

  • Compatible with Google and Yahoo calendars, Outlook, iCal and Office 365.
  • Set visibility options for comments
  • Admins can choose to moderate, if required
  • Control notifications to authors

Add extra information and files

  • Include useful information for delegates
  • Add site maps, bios, links and images
  • Instant, live updating

Manage scheduled appointments

  • Keep track of Chairs, presenters and authors
  • Identify conflicts and reschedule

Secure access to your conference program

  • A flexible range of access controls

  • Enable public access or only permit specific users

  • Allow only delegates and /or invited users

  • Create an access code to set permissions

Engage delegates with The Poster Gallery

  • Fully integrated with submission process

  • Search, view and *download posters

  • Filter by keyword, sessions or tracks

  • Interactive and user-friendly

    * optional

Change the way you collect, manage and review your conference abstracts

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