The answers to Oxford Abstract's most frequently asked questions
How quickly can you set up the event for me?
We can set up your event in less than an hour. We just need some key information about the event and your requirements. Once we have set the event up we will guide you through managing the different stages of the event.
What sort of support will I get?
We have a help desk which is monitored 24 hours a day, just send an email to support@oxfordabstracts.com. You can also book in a 1-1 live video session with our in-house experts by clicking "Book a free demo" at the top of the page.
How much will it cost?
Aside from our free package, prices range from 600 - 3000 USD. To see our transparent pricing, visit our prices page.
Is there a limit on number of submissions which can be made?
No, all of our events have no limit to the number of submissions which can be made. We have events ranging from the a few dozen submissions to over 5000.
Is there a limit on the number of administrators we can have?
No, you can have as many administrators as you want but we recommend that you keep the number as small as possible. Anyone with administration access has access to all your data and can change and delete data.
Can the submitters save their work and submit at a later date?
Yes, a submitter can save their work at any point, then make the submission at a later date.
How can I communicate with the authors about decisions?
All of our packages come with in-built email functionality. This allows you to directly email any of the users within the Oxford Abstracts system. These emails can be sent out manually or automatically when a user performs a certain action such as making a submission.
How can I download the data I have collected?
This can be done in a variety of ways, including exporting tables and downloading abstract books.
Can I download a list of the reviewers/ submitters?
Yes, you can export this information in excel format.
Can I add my conference logo to the submission form or program?
Yes, with any paid package, you can upload a logo which will appear on the submission / review forms, as well as the program. We also have a theme builder feature (Platinum) which allows you to heavily customise the event.
How can I quickly assign my reviewers to the submissions?
Our software makes it easy to quickly assign multiple abstracts to a reviewer at one time. We also allow you to assign certain categories to reviewers so they will automatically see the abstracts that fall within their area of expertise.
Can I upgrade at a later date?
Yes, you can upgrade your event at any time in the process.
How do I pay for this?
If it is your first time using Oxford Abstracts we will send you an invoice to be paid within 30 days (you will have full access to Oxford Abstracts within this period). If you are a returning customer you can pay directly from within the app, or request an invoice.
Do you offer discounts?
No, the price you see on the website is the price you pay. We are totally transparent with our pricing structure.
Why are you giving this away for free?
The Free Package is fully functional and will handle the basic abstract management of an unlimited number of submissions. However, there are a few limitations. 1. No additional questions to the standard reviewer and decision form 2. No API or custom reports 3. No custom emails, email signatures or verify email 4. The headers and footers in the submission forms are set to promote Oxford Abstracts and are not editable.
For how long will I have access to Oxford Abstracts and the data?
We guarantee the information will be available to you for 1 year after the event. In practice we delete information 7 years after the event.
Can I charge a fee for each submission?
Yes, if you use our gold package you can take payments per submission.