Powerful new features, for outstanding virtual conferences

While conference organisers are exploring hybrid events in the long term, virtual conferences are still very much the order of the day. There are various platforms that offer different types of services that may be required for a virtual conference but the core requirement, however, is an interactive online program.

After extensive consultation with clients, we have recently added a host of new features to our two versions of our Online Conference Program, to optimise our platform for virtual conferences. Unlimited abstract management submission and integration comes as standard for both, and both versions can be used for in-person, hybrid and virtual conferences.

So, what’s the difference in the two conference programs?

We offer two packages that include the Online Conference Program - Gold and Platinum. Gold includes the standard Conference Program, Platinum - the Advanced version.

Both provide a simple, user-friendly interface, where you can create unlimited parallel sessions and incorporate links to live and pre-recorded sessions. The Advanced Conference Program has extra premium tools.

What’s new?

In addition to the current features, the standard Online Conference Program offers these essential new tools.

Flexible control and visibility of timezones

Perfect for virtual events, you can choose to set your event in your own timezone and/ or the user’s, or even remove the timezone altogether, a great feature for asynchronous events or those that have occurred in the past, but you want to remain accessible. Users can also control their own view of timezones, for added control.

Additional Chair information fields

Much like the authors and affiliations section in the submission form, there is now a great range of fields alongside Chair names so you can include institutions, a profile picture, or even create custom fields for your requirements.

Custom link and QR code creator

Instead of having a default long and cumbersome link, you can now create your own, eg. app.oxfordabstracts.com/oavirtual/. There is also the option to create a QR code, ensuring easy access for all your users.

Add profile images

Whether multiple or single presenters, you can now add author profile pictures to engage presenters and delegates and enhance user experience. These can be hidden, optional or mandatory - the choice is yours.

And what’s new in the Advanced Conference Program?

Opting for the Advanced Conference Program gives you a range of extra premium features (with all the above included). Up until now, these included secure access, full colour coding, the facility to add extra information, including bios, general event information and links, plus a really handy table, designed to help you keep track of personnel bookings and identify clashes. We have now added the following brillant new tools:

Users can now comment on sessions and abstracts

Admins can moderate, if required and you can switch this feature on and off independently. For example, allow users to comment on sessions, but not content, or vice versa. You can also control notifications.

Flexible access controls

We have expanded the secure access to allow for a flexible range of controlling who you want to be able to access the content in the program. While the program schedule will always remain public, you can control access to abstracts and symposia via a range of user permissions - eg - just delegates, or delegates and invited users. You can also simply create a six digit passcode for access, if required.

Download sessions to calendars

Users can now download sessions into their own personal calendars, including Google and Yahoo calendars, Outlook, iCal and Office 365. This feature can enhance engagement and user experience, along with increasing attendance figures.

We believe these new features will assist you in creating a memorable, engaging virtual conference or live event but don’t just take our word for it. Get in touch for a free trial or better still, book a free demo and we can show you around the new features and answer any questions you may have on how Oxford Abstracts can help you create an outstanding event.