Want powerful conference management software but don’t have the budget? Here’s how you can.

So you’re about to start planning your academic or research conference. It could be a year away, or you might have decided to host it as a virtual conference, but one thing that is going to figure into your planning is the restrictions we are all having to work within during the current Covid-19 environment. This is going to affect many aspects of your conference plan - not least your capacity to make informed decisions in an uncertain future, given nobody knows what the post Covid-19 world might look like. With the anticipated squeeze on the global economy, the other issue you will probably have to deal with is trying to deliver a successful academic conference on a shrunken budget.

Oxford Abstracts might be known as the most cost-effective abstract management software on the market, but it also delivers additional tools that take care of aspects of your conference, such as program scheduling and delegate registration. Given these are fully integrated with the abstract management software - you save a vast deal of time, as well as money.

We at Oxford Abstracts are totally transparent about our costs - there’s no need to get in touch for a quote, or to factor in a commission based system.

So - what do you need?

We answer some of your most frequently asked questions about our range of packages.

I’m arranging a conference and anticipating about 3,000 submissions. I need to make sure the abstract management software I decide on can cope with managing these, and around 200 reviewers, and the thousands of emails. It’s a tall order, but can Oxford Abstracts offer this for under £500?

Yes we can! A recent conference had just over 4,500 submissions, 401 reviewers, and many thousands of emails, but the Silver Package, at £400 ($600US), actually allows for an unlimited number of submissions. It is not only powerful, but is rich in features, so can handle the most complicated of set ups.

I want to create an online program of sessions and would quite like an app, but really don’t have the budget. What can you offer?

Our Gold and Platinum Packages offer the Conference Program (and Delegate Registration). You can simply build your program online, incorporate your abstracts and papers, and publish instantly. All changes will be reflected in the live version and the Program is fully compatible with PC, Mac, Tablet and Phone. The Gold Package costs £800 ($1200), and the Platinum, £1200, ($1800), the difference being the Platinum Package has the Advanced Conference Program, with a range of extra features including colour coding, secure access, and a bookings table (so you can identify appointment conflicts). Platinum also includes a range of handy advanced admin features like permitting submitters to see reviews, charging a fee for submissions and assigning specific categories to chosen committee members.

What about delegate registration? I know Eventbrite are the market leaders but how do you compare in price?

Eventbrite and similar providers have a range of price points, usually with set fees plus a percentage commission per ticket sale. The trouble with these models is while you’re only charged according to how many tickets are sold, if the demand for tickets is high, the cost can run into thousands. The other issue, when organising academic and research conferences, is that keeping track of the presenters that have registered, can be a bit of an administrative nightmare. As our Delegate Registration tool is integrated with abstract management, we have this covered, so you can monitor who has registered, and create reports, at any point. As stated above, it comes with our Gold (£800 ($1200)) and Platinum Package (£1200, ($1800)), along with the Conference Program.

If you have already set up your delegate registration with Eventbrite, don't worry - we have that covered too as our abstract management software can be integrated with Eventbrite, along with a range of other third party apps.

We know it’s important to try before you buy, so get in touch and we can set you up with free trials of all packages. You can see for yourself why we’re considered to be the most cost-effective academic conference management software currently available.