The only abstract management software you’ll ever need

It was good to see Oxford Abstracts appear in an online forum as one of the best and most cost-effective abstract management options for small conferences.

It’s true that the ease of use and cost of our starter packages are strong reasons to choose us if you’re organising a small event, but the 1.5 million abstracts that have been submitted, reviewed and decided upon in our system demonstrate that we don’t just do modest!

Did you know that our abstract management software can handle an unlimited number of submissions? The largest event to date, the 8th World Congress of Biomechanics received a whopping 4541 abstracts, graded by a total of 401 reviewers.

Not only do we scale up, the system offers sophisticated functionality – multi-stage processes, customisable forms and emails, symposia, and more, all highly cost-effective and with a user-friendly interface.

Whether your event is small or large, simple or complex – we can offer the ideal system for your requirements.