How it works

We set-up online screens for authors to submit abstracts and papers.

The screens are linked to your conference web site and contributors pass seamlessly from your conference web site to the online submission system.
Referees can grade the papers online and the program committee can monitor progress.
You control everything through an online administration system.

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A simple process...

Using Oxford Abstracts for your online abstract and paper submission is a simple step by step process. Our system will take care of everything from the initial setup of the online form to the publication of the draft abstract book.

  1. Select the service you require.
  2. We set it up; you check it and you’re ready to go
  3. Authors log in, submit their abstracts and receive confirmation
  4. Reviewers log in and grade online
  5. Programme committee monitor reviews and makes decisions
  6. We prepare a draft abstract book. CD and online programme also available
  7. You control the whole process through an online administration system.

You can count on us

When it comes to organising your annual meeting, you don't want to leave anything to chance.

We understand how important it is for your abstract and paper submission process to go smoothly.

We have experience in a wide variety of academic fields - from medical to leisure and from outer space to mining - and you can rely on us to deliver international best practice.

Our software runs on dedicated servers hosted by Datapipe, consistently rated as one of the world’s most reliable hosting companies. Average "downtime" is just a few minutes per year. All communication with the servers is SSL secured. We make regular offsite backups and you can make your own backups at any time.


  1. Select the options you want for your conference - further options can always be added later
  2. We will send you an agreement and setup questionnaire
  3. We will set up a submission site for you to review
  4. When you are satisfied that the site is ready, simply add a link your conference web site and you're ready to go live


  1. Authors click on a link on the conference web site to submit an abstract or paper
  2. The system captures their name, email address and contact details
  3. They step through the form and record the information you require - questions can be optional or mandatory
  4. They can leave an incomplete form and come back to finish it later
  5. They can amend their submissions at any time before submission closes
  6. They can make multiple submissions
  7. The system sends out automatic acknowledgements


  1. You set up the reviewers on the system and assign abstracts to them individually or by category
  2. Reviewers log on and can grade and make comments on-line
  3. Administrator and committee members can monitor the reviewing process
  4. Built-in emails help you keep in touch with the reviewers
  5. Reviewing can be blinded

Conference programme

  1. Committee members can monitor submissions and reviewing
  2. Committee decisions can be logged either by the committee or the administrator
  3. Submissions can be marked as Accepted / Rejected / Rework / Withdrawn
  4. Submissions can be given a conference programme number and presentation type (Oral / Poster / Invited / etc.)
  5. There are built-in emails to give authors the committee's decisions
  6. The optional programme building function lets you set up the complete programme structure


  1. We can prepare a draft book of abstracts for you - all you need to do is copy-editing and final formatting
  2. Author and title indexes are created automatically
  3. With the programme builder option you can set up a full online programme linked to PDFs of the abstracts plus a draft programme for printing
  4. With the CD-ROM option we will create a CD master with a "splash screen", index pages and PDFs of the abstracts

Administration functions

  1. You can change the deadline, close submission and change other conference settings
  2. You have full control over all submissions and users
  3. You can set up and monitor the reviewing process
  4. A full set of customisable emails lets you keep in touch with authors, reviewers and committee members - send out acceptances, deadline reminders and more.
  5. You can download abstracts or papers and database information at any time
  6. There's an extensive set of reports to answer all your queries, e.g. submitted abstracts in each category, presentation types, author lists and much more
Abstract Management - Abstract Submission Page Example.
Abstract Management Client Example - Online Submissions Form.