All you need in one simple package

We provide everything you need to run successful online abstract and paper submission process for your conference, and we offer a range of extras to provide for any additional requirements.

Our Standard Conference Pack costs only US$600 / £300 / €450 / A$750 per conference, regardless of the number of abstracts.

Among the many additional features available: delegate registration with online payment; creation of both a printed and online conference programme; uploading of final papers and PowerPoint presentations; extra functions for programme chairs; sponsorship or own-branding; and much more.

What's in the standard conference pack?

Online submission

  • A secure online submission form linked to your conference web site
  • Authors register online and create a password protected account
  • Unlimited number of abstracts per conference
  • Authors can amend submission at any time before abstract submission closes
  • Automatic and bulk emails to streamline communication with authors.  All emails can be BCC'ed to the conference administrator
  • Up to 10 questions on the submission form (Details)
  • Accept abstracts either as direct text input onto the form or as a file upload with pictures, tables and special symbols (Details)
  • Upload supporting documents in any file format e.g. PDF, PowerPoint

Reviewing and Committee functions

  • Assign abstracts and papers to referees based on category or individually
  • Up to 6 questions on the grading form: Grade; Recommendation for Oral; Conflict of Interest; Comments; and two more.
  • Referees can grade and make comments online
  • Committee can view all abstracts and grades online and can accept or reject abstracts and assign programme numbers and add notes.
  • RSS feed available for committee members to get regular updates on incoming documents.


  • Automatic creation of draft abstract book in a standard format if the direct text input option is chosen (Details). If you want us to build the book from uploaded files you will need the add-on file processing feature (Details)
  • Indexes for the abstract book (does not include page numbers)
  • Web-ready indexes of Titles, Authors and Categories with pre-prepared links to pdf versions of the abstracts, so you can quickly create your own online programme.

Online registration form

  • A secure online registration form that you can link to your meeting's web site
  • Delegates register online and create a password protected account
  • Unlimited number of delegates per event
  • Automatic emails to streamline communication with delegates.  All emails can be BCC'ed to the meeting's administrator
  • Up to 8 different registration fees, for example four "early bird" fees and four late fees
  • Early/late rates with automatic switchover
  • Up to 4 different paid-for or free options such as dinner, tours and workshops
  • 3 additional questions on the form: dietary requirements, name of accompanying person, special needs
  • Credit card payments - integrates with your account on PayPal or WorldPay
  • Optional automatic invoice creation


  • Monitoring and control of the conference through a password protected administration system
  • Change basic conference settings including deadline
  • View and edit author details
  • Download submitted abstracts and papers as Word documents
  • Download all conference data in Excel or Access
  • Full control of abstracts and papers: add, edit, accept/reject and mark-up
  • Reports and emails to keep your committee informed

Our standard conference pack allows you to ask 10 questions on the submission form which is normally sufficient for a simple set up.  Listed below is a set of 10 typical questions that could be used for a standard set-up.  

  1. Enter the FULL TITLE of your submission. This will be used for printing in the final program.
  2. Please enter an abstract of your paper (max 250 words)
  3. I confirm that this submission has been approved by all authors
  4. Affiliations,  Please list the universities or other institutions with which the authors are affiliated
  5. Authors.  You MUST enter the names of ALL authors here - including yourself if you are an author - in the order in which you wish them to appear in the printed text. Names omitted here will NOT be printed in the author index or the final program
  6. Please choose a subject category which best describes your submission
  7. Please choose your preferred means of presentation
  8. Audiovisual equipment required
  9. Check this box to give us permission to print your submission on CD and in hardcopy if it is accepted for presentation
  10. I confirm that at least one author will register in full to attend and present the paper at the Conference

The Standard set up allows you to ask any questions, it does not have to be the same as the list above.  However you MUST include Title of the submission, Authors and Affiliations.

If you want to gather more detailed information from the authors, you can add more questions to the form.  Additional questions that you may want to ask are:

  • Presenter biography. Provide a 3-4 sentence biography exactly the way you would like it read for your introduction and printed in the conference program. Your biography is limited to 150 words. Please read your biography aloud once it is written to ensure it can be effortlessly delivered by the session monitor.
  • Will your presentation be given elsewhere prior to the conference?
  • If you answered yes to the previous question, please give details
  • Do you agree to your abstract being published on a website prior to the meeting being held?
  • I require an Official Letter of Invitation to obtain a visa
  • Do the author(s) have any commercial interests or associations that might pose a conflict of interest regarding this submission?
  • If you answered yes to the previous question, please give details:
  • Please attach your supporting document - use the "Browse" button to find it on your PC
  • Correspondence will be automatically sent to the submitter. If you would like to provide an alternate contact for possible use as a backup, please enter their email address here
  • I wish to enter for one of the student awards
  • Does your submission qualify as first time presented?


1. Text input (included in Standard Conference Pack)
  • Authors type or paste their abstracts directly into a text box or boxes on the submission form
  • Direct input into the submission form with no intermediate steps. Pretty much fool proof
  • The form will accept plain text with styling (bold and italic), superscripts, subscripts, bulleted and numbered lists and symbols. No tables, diagrams or photographs allowed
  • You can impose a word limit. Authors can't submit the form if they exceed the limit.
  • Instant draft abstract book at any time

2. File upload and processing (processing is an add-on at extra cost)
  • Authors can submit any type of file.  E.g. Word, PDF , PowerPoint. LaTeX.   They upload the abstract via the submission form
  • If you want us to process the files into an abstract book, authors must prepare their abstracts using a Word template.
  • Authors can put anything into the template including formulae, diagrams, tables and special symbols. Essential if they need to include formulae for example
  • The files are processed by Oxford Abstracts and a draft abstract book is prepared and delivered as a Word file. Process turnaround is 48 hours.
  • Standard layout contains conference code, title (in bold), authors and affiliations linked by superscript numbers and abstract.  The submissions are ordered by conference code number.  There is an additional charge for non-standard layout.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in a Word template that we will design for you
  • We will reformat the abstracts and merge in information from the database
  • Standard layout is:
    • Programme number or serial number (bold)
    • Title (normal case, bold)
    • Authors (affiliation numbers are superscripted)
    • Affiliations (italic, superscripted numbers)
    • Abstract
  • We can merge in additional information such as the track, submitter email etc.
  • Any individual block of text such as title, authors or affiliations can be formatted in the following ways
    1. Bold, italic, underline
    2. Font face (Arial, Times etc)
    3. Font size
    4. Alignment (left, right, centre)
    5. Case (normal, upper lower, title, sentence)
  • We will build a draft book with one abstract per page. The abstract order will either be by programme number or by author name
  • All you have to do is proof-read the file and make minor corrections
  • If you need a different structure such as run-on blocks of text, or unusual formatting, there may be an additional charge - please contact us
  • If you have used the text-based input option (part of the Standard Pack) then the abstract book is created automatically from the database whenever you wish
  • Standard layout is:
    • Programme number or serial number (bold)
    • Title (normal case, bold)
    • Authors (affiliation numbers are superscripted)
    • Affiliations (italic, superscripted numbers)
    • Abstract
  • If you have used several text boxes for the abstract - for example objective, method, results, conclusion - they will be laid out with bold sub-headings
  • The book is in Word format with one abstract per page. There are four different versions:
    • All submitted abstracts sorted by serial number (for reviewing)
    • "Blind" version (for reviewing)
    • Accepted abstracts sorted by oral/poster etc then programme number (for printing)
    • Accepted abstracts sorted by programme number only (for printing)
  • All you have to do is proof-read the file and make minor corrections
  • We can change the format or merge in additional information such as the track, submitter email etc. There will usually be an additional charge - please contact us