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Symposium submission
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Our standard conference pack allows you to ask 10 questions on the submission form which is normally sufficient for a simple set up.  Listed below is a set of 10 typical questions that could be used for a standard set-up.  

  1. Enter the FULL TITLE of your submission. This will be used for printing in the final program.
  2. Please enter an abstract of your paper (max 250 words)
  3. I confirm that this submission has been approved by all authors
  4. Affiliations,  Please list the universities or other institutions with which the authors are affiliated
  5. Authors.  You MUST enter the names of ALL authors here - including yourself if you are an author - in the order in which you wish them to appear in the printed text. Names omitted here will NOT be printed in the author index or the final program
  6. Please choose a subject category which best describes your submission
  7. Please choose your preferred means of presentation
  8. Audiovisual equipment required
  9. Check this box to give us permission to print your submission on CD and in hardcopy if it is accepted for presentation
  10. I confirm that at least one author will register in full to attend and present the paper at the Conference

The Standard set up allows you to ask any questions, it does not have to be the same as the list above.  However you MUST include Title of the submission, Authors and Affiliations.

If you want to gather more detailed information from the authors, you can add more questions to the form.  Additional questions that you may want to ask are:

  • Presenter biography. Provide a 3-4 sentence biography exactly the way you would like it read for your introduction and printed in the conference program. Your biography is limited to 150 words. Please read your biography aloud once it is written to ensure it can be effortlessly delivered by the session monitor.
  • Will your presentation be given elsewhere prior to the conference?
  • If you answered yes to the previous question, please give details
  • Do you agree to your abstract being published on a website prior to the meeting being held?
  • I require an Official Letter of Invitation to obtain a visa
  • Do the author(s) have any commercial interests or associations that might pose a conflict of interest regarding this submission?
  • If you answered yes to the previous question, please give details:
  • Please attach your supporting document - use the "Browse" button to find it on your PC
  • Correspondence will be automatically sent to the submitter. If you would like to provide an alternate contact for possible use as a backup, please enter their email address here
  • I wish to enter for one of the student awards
  • Does your submission qualify as first time presented?


Symposium chairs can set up their symposia and view linked abstracts. They are emailed a copy of each abstract as it comes in.

Reviewing of symposia can be carried out in two ways:
1. Use a standard report which contains all the information from the Symposia screen. Save a copy and send it out as an attachment to reviewers or committee members.
2. If reviewers need to take the individual symposium abstracts into account when assessing the symposium proposals you can assign them for reviewing in the usual way.
Delegates can choose registration fees (early and late, student, society member, etc) or general events such as workshops, evening events and so on. Automatic switchover from early to late rates.

The module integrates with the abstract submission system so authors do not need to re-enter their details when they register as a delegate.

You can accept payment by invoice or credit card or both. The invoice option generates a printable, itemised invoice with payment instructions. For credit card payment we integrate as standard with Paypal, Verisign or WorldPay. For other payment systems we will provide an integration tool.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in a Word template that we will design for you
  • We will reformat the abstracts and merge in information from the database
  • Standard layout is:
    • Programme number or serial number (bold)
    • Title (normal case, bold)
    • Authors (affiliation numbers are superscripted)
    • Affiliations (italic, superscripted numbers)
    • Abstract
  • We can merge in additional information such as the track, submitter email etc.
  • Any individual block of text such as title, authors or affiliations can be formatted in the following ways
    1. Bold, italic, underline
    2. Font face (Arial, Times etc)
    3. Font size
    4. Alignment (left, right, centre)
    5. Case (normal, upper lower, title, sentence)
  • We will build a draft book with one abstract per page. The abstract order will either be by programme number or by author name
  • All you have to do is proof-read the file and make minor corrections
  • If you need a different structure such as run-on blocks of text, or unusual formatting, there may be an additional charge - please contact us
Latex to PDF processing with instant feedback through log files.