Free Delegate Registration for your Meeting

In less than five minutes you can have a professional quality online registration service complete with credit card payment.

The service is optimised for smaller meetings from just a couple of dozen delegates up to a couple of hundred, but it can be used for any size of event. There are no restrictions on usage.

There's comprehensive online help to answer your questions about how to set up and use the service. And if you want email-based support as well you can upgrade at any time for a small fee.

There are no setup or hosting costs, no transaction charges, no per-delegate fees, no long-term commitment, nothing. It's completely free.

What's the catch? There isn't one. We know that some events have only tiny budgets and can't afford to pay for professional software. By helping you out we hope we can spread the word about our paid-for services.

Why not try it right now?
Abstract Management - Oxford College.

What do you get?

Online registration form

  • A secure online registration form that you can link to your meeting's web site
  • Delegates register online and create a password protected account
  • Unlimited number of delegates per event
  • Automatic emails to streamline communication with delegates.  All emails can be BCC'ed to the meeting's administrator
  • Up to 8 different registration fees, for example four "early bird" fees and four late fees
  • Early/late rates with automatic switchover
  • Up to 4 different paid-for or free options such as dinner, tours and workshops
  • 3 additional questions on the form: dietary requirements, name of accompanying person, special needs
  • Credit card payments - integrates with your account on PayPal or WorldPay
  • Optional automatic invoice creation


  • Monitoring and control of the meeting through a password protected administration area
  • Change registration settings including fees and "early bird" date
  • View and edit delegate details
  • Automatic reconciliation of credit card payments
  • Manual over-ride of registrations and payments
  • Download all registration data as an Excel file